Onthou - kykNET

Onthou was a documentary series, broadcast on the Afrikaans channel, kykNET. The first season of the series chronicled South Africa's most devastating disasters, as told by the survivors, families of the victims and other role players. I wrote the text for the series, did the research for many of the episodes, completed the off-line edits for a number of them and filmed large portions of the show. Onthou received the AKTV's award for 'Best Afrikaans Documentary' in 2011. Season 2 aired during 2012.

La't Wiel - kykNET

This has been my bread and butter for the last 8 years: Writing, producing, filming and sometimes even presenting La't Wiel. The show has a massive following in South Africa, and is extremely popular. To date more than 330 episodes have aired, which makes this the most successful motoring show in South Africa.

Voorgee - kykNET

The golf show for everyone else! This is exactly what 'Voorgee' (Afrikaans for handicap) constitutes. It is essentially as zany, entertainment-driven show with golf as the backdrop, and in its three seasons (39 episodes) it has garnered a strong following. Season 4 has already been announced, and production will commence shortly.

NRC - SuperSport

The South African National Rally Championship is a hotly contested series, with a dedicated one-hour show broadcast on SuperSport. There is an additional show broadcast on IgnitionTV, featuring the S1600 class of cars. I film and produce large portions of both shows, and write the S1600 show for Ignition. 

Special timelapse video of shiploader arriving at the Richards Bay Coal Terminal. This video is composed of more than 5,000 still images, taken over the course of several days.

Shiploader - Sandvik