I was only 6 years old when I built my first camera. Granted, it was made of Lego blocks, and didn't do very much - but it was my first camera nonetheless! This little toy became a symbol of my love for the media: Photography, the written word, television and radio. I have been a media slut since my early years, and I have no intention to change that now. As a matter of fact, I insist on embracing it.

As a result, I have become a freelance media person - not a photographer, not a journalist, not a producer or cameraman - but rather an amalgamation of all of them. I wield a keyboard just as comfortably as a camera, and even though writing has always been my first and greatest love, I have a passion for creating media assets regardless of medium. As long as it can be published, I'm happy.

My early career centred around crime reporting and community news (Nasionale Pers and Caxton), before I moved on to magazines (Johnnic Publishing, now Avusa). I have also produced more than 400 episodes of television on various channels, including documentaries, sport, magazine shows and even a game show of sorts.

I travel constantly, but miss my wife and kids whenever I'm away. Still, feeding the addiction that travel has become remains a key priority for me. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa; but have my roots in the Netherlands; and my heart in Cape Town. I am a media man for hire, and I enjoy every job I take on!

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